Welcome to our home page. This area is permanently under construction, so please be patient. It serves as both, our home page and a testbed for WWW html development. Note that this page is not about druids. Druid is just the name of my system. For information on Druidism check out this Druid page.

The System

Druid is used by D'Arcy J.M.Cain mostly for personal use. There are a few guest accounts as well and we host the home pages for the list of motorcycle rides around Ontario.

Email Spam

We don't like it and we take steps to prevent it. For those who don't know, spam is the term given to junk email. It is perpetrated by sleazy, low-life, scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling slime who like to pretend that they are just exercising their "right" to email the whole planet for "free." Sorry, it isn't free. They have just managed to move the cost of junk mailing to the recipient and to systems that haven't protected themselves yet.

The Users

Click on the user's name to go to their home page if they have one. Click on the email address to send them email. Note that some of these users use other systems primarily and for those I have used their primary addresses.

Other addresses

Family members and friends that I know about. These are mostly aliases on druid for convenience.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain darcy@druid.net
Carol L. Cain carol@druid.net
Monica F. Cain monica@druid.net
Linda C. Cain linda@druid.net
Holly Rita Hilda Dance holly@druid.net
Monica F. Cain monica@druid.net
Patrick J. Cain patrick@druid.net
Agnes A. Cain agnes@druid.net
Chris Doutre chris.doutre@druid.net
Ron F. Bailey ron@druid.net
Steve Gugler steve@druid.net
Chris Gugler chris@druid.net
Brendan Lehman brendan@druid.net

And finally here is a fortune for you.

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